• Gym Show

  • The Gym show is the end of the year show for all our elementary age classes (1st grade and up), Mini-Bounders/Bounders, Mini Flips/Flips, Aerials and Springers.

  • Mini Nationals

  • Mini Nationals is a meet like event for girls and boys enrolled in our recreational classes, it is held 2 times a year, usually November and March.

    Children must be 1st grade or older. The gymnasts perform their routines for "judges." This is a fun event for gymnasts of all levels, everyone gets ribbons and a goody bag. Cost is $16. Information will be handed out to all classes prior to signups.

  • BCT Fitness Challenge

  • The Fitness Challenge is for our Boys Challenge Teams from our Bellevue and Preston gyms. It is open to all boys in our program (Mini Eagles/Eagles, Falcons and BCT)

  • Winterfest

  • Winterfest is a fun show for our Grasshoppers, Dragonflies and Butterflies. The kids perform routines with music and costumes. Families are encouraged to come watch and take pictures. There is not cost for this event. It is held on a Saturday afternoon/evening on December.

  • Butterfly Olympiad

  • The Butterfly Olympiad is our end of the school year fianle for all our Butterfly classes. Children will perform routines to music and show their skills on each event. Famly and friends are welcome to come watch.