Welcome to Our Club!

We strive to teach sound basic skills in a safe gymnastics setting. We believe that encouragement and positive motivation are the keys to gymnastics achievement and self-confidence.

Gymnastics East features the latest in gymnastics technology. We have spring tumbling floors, 40 ft. tumble tramps, vault tables, balance beams in graduated heights, uneven bars, practice bars, trampolines, a wide variety of small equipment to aid in instruction of the young through advanced training facilities for the competitive gymnast.

Students with previous gymnastics experience, who are new to our program, should make an appointment for a skill evaluation for proper class placement.

Breaking News

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO OPEN REGISTRATION!!!  Due to the many computer issues with priority registration, we need to separate Open Registration by location.  Open Registration for the Bellevue location will be on Monday, August 14th at 7am and for the Issaquah location will be Tuesday, August 15th at 7am.  Online registration has highest priority but we will accept emails as well starting at 7am.  Please note, if you are having issues registering, we are having the same issues!!  Email registration is very slow!  Once online registration begins to work efficiently (it took about 30 minutes on the Aug. 8th), you can quickly and efficiently register your child.  If you wait for us to register via your email, it will take many hours and the class you want may be filled by then so please continue to try to register via online registration even if you send an email!

Classes will begin on Wednesday, September 6th.  This is a change due to some repair to the roof at our Bellevue location required by our landlord.  The Tuesday, May 29th closure will be dropped and you will have class on that day instead.

Our 2017-2018 School Year Schedule is now available!  Please note, there will be updates in the next few weeks so please make sure you are looking at the most updated copy!

You can now click on "Register Online" above, read through our online registration information and on the bottom click on the location you are interested in taking classes.  On the next page you can click on "Select Program" and click on your program of interest.  You can put your cursor on a time and the coaches name will appear along with other information.

 Please note, Apple touch-screen only devices such as the iPhone or iPad are not compatible with our Online Registration software!!  You will not be able to Checkout and therefore your registration will be incomplete and unsecured!!  Please use a different device to register ONLINE in our system!!!


Our High School drop-in class for summer will be 6:00pm - 8:30pm and is offered on Tuesday/Thursday.  The last class for summer is Thursday, Aug. 24th.  This is not a formal registration, but a punch card system.  Please contact the office for more information.

Questions or to register, please call Bellevue: 425-644-8117, Issaquah: 425-392-2621 or stop by either office.